Cincitorial Clients Speak Out

Cincitorial has worked with publishers, corporations, and organizations to produce high-quality books, reports, training materials, and other publications. Listen to what our clients say about us:

“I didn’t think we had a prayer of meeting our deadline on the training materials we needed for a seminar. Cincitorial took on the job and produced the text and accompanying CDs on schedule.”

Jay Fries
Training Coordinator
Training Solutions

“Thanks, Cincitorial, for your excellent work on our Basic Applications series. As a result of your heroic efforts, we’re first to market, and our books look better than the competition!”

Maggie Jenkins
Senior Editor
Lion Press

“We’ve worked with Cincitorial since the beginning, and we’ve always found them to be highly professional as well as downright fun. We plan to continue to use their development and production services into the next century.”

Tyler Stanislowski
Production Manager
Quentin-Stevens Inc.

“We know when we hand a project over to Cincitorial that it will come back to us on time and ready for the printer. We feel very fortunate to work with their great people.”

Lennie Makarios
Project Coordinator
Peters Press

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