Reading Civic Garden Center

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Welcome to the Reading Civic Garden Center Web site. The Reading Civic Garden Center was founded over 100 years ago as a source of community information for residents of the new community of Reading. Long before anyone discussed the environmental benefits of greenspace in cities and towns, the citizens of Reading understood the value of beautiful gardens and parks. A committee of passionate gardeners and city planners created the first Civic Garden Center very near the site of the current Center, built the Civic Gardens around the center, and began dispensing advice and aid to those eager to improve their home and business environments.

You can find answers to many questions at the Civic Garden Center. Stroll through the Civic Gardens to see specimens of plants that do well in our climate of cold winters and hot summers. Come into the Center to learn more about how to improve your soil, the benefits of different types of mulches, and the importance of composting and recycling yard wastes. Have a specific question about the best shade trees for our area? One of our volunteers will help you find the perfect tree.

There's always something going on at the Civic Garden Center, from our annual spring herb sale to the fall bulb workshop, from the glories of summer to the quiet dormancy of winter. We hope you visit us soon, and make it a habit to return often!