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Plan of the Week

MONDAY – 14th Regular Schedule

  • Fire Drill #2 during 2nd period
  • BJH Volleyball vs. Bayou View Middle @ BHS Sports Arena 5:00/6:15
  • OPEN HOUSE 5:30 – 7:00

TUESDAY – 15th Regular Schedule

  • School Pictures during ELA in Library
  • Novice Teacher Meeting 3:30

WEDNESDAY – 16th Regular Schedule

  • BJH PLC during planning periods
  • Faculty Meeting in Auditorium 3:10

THURSDAY – 17th Regular Schedule

  • BJH Leadership Team Meeting 7:00 Conference Room
  • Makeup Faculty Meeting in Auditorium 7:00 (prior approval required)
  • BJH Volleyball @ d’Iberville 5:00/6:15
  • BPS Pep Rally for Shrimp Bowl 6:00 @ BHS Stadium
  • Lesson Plans due by 3:30

FRIDAY – 18th Regular Schedule

  • Shrimp Bowl – BHS Football vs. St. Stanislaus @ 7:00
  • Title I Open House/Back to School sign in sheets due to Martin by 3:30



  • Student tardies must be dealt with consistently in order to limit their occurrence.
  • The student tardy procedure is as follows:
    • Teachers are to report any students who are tardy to class to the Pupil Accounting Clerk via the email address. (Careful not to send to pa.bhs!)
    • Send this email separate from any attendance emails.
    • The PA clerk (Mrs. Dang) will record and track student tardies in her office.
    • Do not record any tardies in INow.
    • In order to be effective, all teachers must follow this procedure. If you are cutting students a break, you are not being fair to those teachers who are following this procedure.
  • Students who check in late for school will be issued a tardy by the Pupil Accounting clerk and will have this in hand when they arrive to class.