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March's Indian Nation Spirit Award Winner!

Congratulations to our March Indian Nation Spirit Award Winner, Terrell Sutton! Mr. Sutton is an assistant in Biloxi Junior High's Self-Contained classroom. He works closely with students who have severe to profound disabilities.

According to his nomination, "Not only does he display grace and compassion for these students, he goes above and beyond to provide opportunities they may not receive in other places. For example, he is often seen escorting some of those students to our school weight room to exercise with them or teach them skills that would help build their strength. He plays kickball with our self-contained students and facilitates a competitive game that is inclusive of everyone including our wheelchair bound students. Working with severely disabled children is considered by most as one of the toughest jobs at our school, but Mr. Sutton has always been very vocal that his passion is working with those students and he does not want to be assigned to any other group. Mr. Sutton has mastered the ability to build a relationship with any student on campus whether they are in his classroom or not. He is always visible and uses any duty he is assigned as a way to build relationships with students and provide guidance to children. Outside of work he can be found volunteering his time helping the youth in the community."

Thank you Mr. Sutton!  

The Spirit Award is sponsored by Rouse's and each winner receives a $100 gift card. Thank you Rouse's for helping us recognize these outstanding team members!