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Biloxi Chamber of Commerce Junior Leadership Graduates

Congratulations to the 20 Biloxi High Freshmen that recently graduated from the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce’s Junior Leadership Program! Junior Leadership is a part of the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce’s education program. The purpose of the Junior Leadership Biloxi program is to produce students of outstanding character who are more sensitive to the needs of the community and are better able to contribute to society. 

This year's program graduates:

  • Brianna Beck
  • Jaxson Boudreaux
  • McKenzie Boudreaux
  • Katelyn Brantley
  • Jolene Bui
  • Judson Byars
  • Kailyn Cross
  • Tallyn Fayard
  • Ashlyn Gates
  • Emmah Gehlsen
  • Marina Hays
  • Diana Lai
  • Aislyn Leary
  • Katie Madden
  • William Miles
  • Abigail Radicia
  • Madison Seymour
  • Alissa Strickland
  • Jamey Useforge
  • Forest Wold

Junior Leadership 21