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Excel by 5 Learning Activities

Greetings from Biloxi Excel by 5!!!

Ms. Lisa and Ms. Susan

 Miss Seeing Each of You!!!!


Attached are the Following:

*Pizza Pup - Cutting

*Bunny Trail - Tracing

*Proud Peacock - Drawing

*Home, Tweet Home! - Cutting

*Goal - Tracing

*Funny Face - Drawing

*Ice Hockey - Cutting

*It's Party Time! - Tracing

* Pretty Pig- Drawing

*Munching Lunch - Cutting 

*Having a Ball - Tracing

*Cuddly Friend- Drawing 

*High In The Sky - Tracing

*Fish Patterns - Color and Cutting

*Fishbowl - Coloring

*A Perfect Picnic - Tracing

*Pinata - Coloring

*Gumball Galore - Drawing

*Falling Raindrops - Tracing

*Lamb Patterns - Coloring

*Pajama Top Pattern - Drawing

*A Good Flight - Tracing

*Trash Day - Color and Crumple

*Apple - Coloring

*Leo the Lion - Tracing

*Lovely Ladies - Color and Crumple

*Bird - Coloring

*Happy Hampster - Tracing

*Apples, Apples, Apples - Color & Crumple

*Bus - Coloring


If You are Able, Please Share Your Activities to Ms. Susan’s phone:

(228) 297- 6808.


We will continue to add activities!


If You Have Any Questions, Please Contact Susan Hunt, Certification Manager, at (228) 297- 6808.





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