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2020 Teachers of the Year!


Congratulations to our Teachers of the Year! 

 Coakley Travis Coakley, Biloxi High School Mr. Coakley was chosen by the students as this year's Teacher of the Year for Biloxi High.  Here's what a few of them had to say about their favorite teacher:-Mr. Coakley has touched the hearts of all of us in band by supporting our love for music.  He provides so many wonderful opportunities that we are so lucky to have.  He strongly pushes everyone to be responsible and always fulfill our commitments which is an important aspect of life.  He has impacted all of the BHS band members in so many positive ways.  -He's well respected by everyone who knows him because he is patient, witty and passionate about teaching music. -Mr. Coakley is one of the best teachers I've had because he is understanding of everyone's situation while still expecting the best from you because he believes you can do it. 
Peterson Susan Peterson, Biloxi Junior HighBiloxi Junior High's Teacher of the Year is Special Education teacher and Student Council sponsor Mrs. Susan Peterson.  Mrs. Peterson's coworkers agree that from her Southern twang to her compassion for students, she puts a smile on everyone's face.  Mrs. Peterson is a huge advocate for her students, whom she affectionately refers to as her "babies."  She spends much of her free time working on methods and strategies to help all students succeed.  Her relentless determination to make a difference in the lives of children is unwavering.  Most importantly, she knows the foundation for success is building relationships with students. 

Jennifer Cook, Biloxi Upper Elementary BUE's Teacher of the Year is Jennifer Cook, Director for the Beginner Band.  She is currently battling breast cancer and though faced with this medical obstacle, she has remained dedicated, positive and motivated to be present for the children here at BUE.  She comes to work with a smile on her face and is determined to fulfill her duties as a teacher, even on the days that are tough for her.  She has shown her coworkers what strength encompasses...she is the epitome of an educator who truly loves her students and school.  We are proud and blessed to have Ms. Cook here at BUE! 


Ashleigh Fulton, Gorenflo Elementary Gorenflo Elementary's Teacher of the Year is Mrs. Ashleigh Fulton.  Mrs. Fulton has been teaching English Language Arts for seven years at Gorenflo.  Mrs. Fulton is dedicated to the teaching profession and is willing to help students and staff in any way.  Two years ago, she was challenged with an assignment to move from teaching 3rd grade ELA to 4th grade ELA and she has met every challenge with success.  Mrs. Fulton has proven to be one of the top teachers at Gorenflo as she collaborates with her team to provide quality instruction to her students each day.  Her hard work is displayed in her test scores at the end of the year as she has continued to increase the number of students scoring proficient on state tests.  We love having Mrs. Fulton as a teacher and a colleague...she is Gorenflo Strong!


Morgan Elam, Jeff Davis ElementaryMorgan Elam is the Jeff Davis Elementary Teacher of the Year.  Morgan genuinely loves each and every one of her students.  She goes above and beyond not only for each one of her students, but for the school as well.  She has shown tremendous growth over the last couple of years.  She proved she is indeed an amazing teacher and leader within our school.  


LaTericka Andrews, Nichols Elementary Research indicates that early childhood education is the keystone from which all learning capacities emerge. With this being the case, the vital role that Pre-K programs assume in the education and social development of children must not be minimized.  LaTericka Andrews has been an exemplary Pre-K teacher at Nichols for the past few years and she has brought daily innovation to her instructional program that stimulates even the most reluctant learners.  In fact, she has implemented interventions that have totally transformed the engagement levels of her most challenging students.  In addition, her students have consistently performed at the highest levels on the Mississippi Kindergarten Readiness Assessment.  Ms. Andrews has captured the unique characteristics of each of her students and she has also discovered that consistent, individualized interventions will make an incredible difference in all children. As a matter of fact, she has promoted an inclusive environment where all of her challenged learners can thrive at every stage of their development.  LaTericka is truly a trailblazer in the field of early childhood education and her daily performance is worthy of the highest recognition. 


Arren Mayle, North Bay Elementary Mrs. Mayle has become a leader among her 2nd grade teaching team.  She facilitates team meetings with a collaborative mindset and gaining buy-in from teachers.  She has led the teachers by guiding them to implement current programs with integrity and increasing the rigor.  This is done through the planning process and checking in with teachers on a daily basis to ensure they have the immediate support they need. Mrs. Mayle is a master at developing relationships with students and their families.  Her patient, caring, excellent communication skills, and kind personality not only models these positive characteristics for all, but forms the foundation for her rapport with students and communication with parents.  Mrs. Mayle holds all students to the highest expectations and has success as shown through data collection.  It is difficult to find a teacher that is a leader, collaborator, motivator and a master at content.  Mrs. Mayle is all of these!


Angela Pounders, Popp's Ferry Elementary Popp' Ferry Elementary's Teacher of the Year is Mrs. Angela Pounders.  Mrs. Pounders joined Popp's Ferry in August of 2017.  Since then, she has had a significant impact serving our special needs students in the self-contained Autism classroom.  Mrs. Pounders gives her all to her students - each and every one - each and every day.  With all of the challenges her students face, she always shows the utmost professionalism, care and patience.  Mrs. Pounders is the missing puzzle piece that Popp's Ferry has long sought to bring this class together and she completes the puzzle pattern that reflects the complexity of the autism spectrum.  Here are some of the comments that the staff made about Mrs. Pounders:-She has so much love and patience for her students.  She always has a smile on her face.  -Mrs. Pounders provides not only an education to her students but love as well.  She is always positive and sees the bright side of things.  Even when there are tough situations, she manages to shine bright.  Handling students with autism is not easy and she deals with her students and parents with grace. -Mrs. Pounders provides her students a safe and calm learning environment.  She models positive social and emotional behaviors for her students to learn and provides one on one instructional time. -She is a joy to work with! Mrs. Pounders is very involved and amazing with her students.  She is a team player and is an asset to our school.  -I love how she goes above and beyond to give her students new experiences, like making pancakes in class!  The students really respect her and you can tell.  She is simply amazing!-Angela is patient and kind with her students.  She never puts up a fuss. She just goes with the flow.  There have been many changes in her classroom and she never lets it get to her.  I am so glad she is a teacher at Popp's Ferry.


Congratulations to our District Teacher of the Year

Angela Pounders

and our District Administrator of the Year

Teresa Martin