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We Are An A Rated District!

Biloxi Public School District Excels in State Accountability Results

Mississippi Department of Education accountability results are in and the Biloxi School District remains one of the top achievers in the state. 

With a mobile population due to the casino industry and our military community, Biloxi is unique in Mississippi.  Over 14 languages and cultures are present in our schools, contributing to the rich diversity that we celebrate in our District.

We are proud of the hard work and dedication put in by our students, staff, parents/guardians and community!  We are all one in Biloxi and we’ve got the following results to prove it…

  • The Biloxi Public School District is an A-Rated District!
  • Biloxi Junior High is ranked highest on the Coast!
  • Biloxi High is #1 on the Coast in Algebra I proficiency and 3rd in US History proficiency
  • The District ranked above the state average in all areas
  • Our District has the highest PreK score on the Coast
  • Our District is 2nd on the Coast and 7th in the state overall
  • The state’s goal of 70% proficiency by 2025 has already been achieved in history and science
  • BJHS math and science all ranked Top 5 in the state
  • Biloxi High is #4 on the Coast and 7th in the state overall
  • Biloxi High is 3rd on the Coast and 6th in the state for math growth
  • Biloxi High is 2nd on the Coast for Acceleration* and 6th in the state
  • 5th grade math is 3rd on the Coast
  • We currently have 50 students with an ACT score of 30 or above

Biloxi Public Schools will continue on our mission of Excellence From All…For All. 


*The acceleration component refers to the percentage of students taking and passing the assessment associated with accelerated courses, such as AP and Dual Credit.