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2019-2020 Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to all of our Science Fair Winners.  This year's projects were Amazing!  Our Students received so many compliments from our judges.  There were ties in 3rd and 4th grades because projects were great representations of the Scientific Method.  We are very POPP'S FERRY PROUD of all of our students who participated in the Science Fair this year!

 1st - 3rd place winners will have the opportunity to advance to the next level in March.  Mrs. Finn will send more information home next week.  Please keep your projects in a safe place until then.


 2nd Grade:  (not required)

Joshua Diaz from Ms. Dronet's Class - Honorable Mention  


3rd Grade:

Category Place Student Name Teacher
BioChemistry 1st Sara B. Jalanivich
BioChemistry 2nd Edie Mitchell Cook
BioChemistry 3rd Landon Cook Church
Organic Chemistry 1st Aaron Alston Cook
Organic Chemistry 2nd Mason Smith Church
Organic Chemistry 3rd Ariana Patel Bourque
InOrganic Chemistry 1st Taylor Bowers Church
InOrganic Chemistry 2nd Mia Thurman Church
InOrganic Chemistry 2nd Alexandria Gray Crump
InOrganic Chemistry 3rd Ella Randall Crump
Earth and Environmental 1st Sophia Gregg Businell
Earth and Environmental 2nd Chloe Bailey Bourque
Earth and Environmental 3rd Macy Roland Crump
Microbiology 1st Ayden Ventura Cook
Plant Science 1st Maddison Mosher Cook
Plant Science 2nd Tommy Coker Jalanivich
Plant Science 3rd Jentley Collins Bourque
Animal Science 1st Charlotte Ouimit Cook
Behavior and Social Science 1st Stephen Brewer Crump
Biomedical and Health 1st Izaiah Mong Jalanivich
Physics 1st Antionio Payne Businelle
Physics 2nd Reagan Wince Church
Physics 3rd Zoey Constable Businelle
Physics 3rd Adyn Casper Businelle


4th Grade:

Category Place Student Name Teacher
BioChemistry 1st Skyleigh Cooke Finn
BioChemistry 2nd Bransyn Ligion Finn
BioChemistry 3rd Aaliyah Jackson McCaffery
Organic Chemistry 1st Cooper Smith Finn
Organic Chemistry 2nd Leyla Akan McCaffery
Organic Chemistry 3rd Payton Campbell Finn
InOrganic Chemistry 1st Maddison Neihus Wylie
InOrganic Chemistry 2nd Marian Freeck Wylie
InOrganic Chemistry 3rd Makhayla Curry Wylie
InOrganic Chemistry 3rd Jonathan Dummer Finn
Earth and Environmental 1st Lyric James Finn
Earth and Environmental 2nd Lawson Roland McCaffery
Earth and Environmental 3rd Kobi Rome Finn
Math and Systems Software 1st Wyatt Holland McCaffery
Microbiology 1st Cash Snodgrass Finn
Plant Science 1st Alexa Pazz Finn
Plant Science 2nd Leah Caton Wylie
Plant Science 3rd Samirah Shareef Wylie
Animal Science 1st Brenden Williams Finn
Behavior and Social Science 1st Aubrey Salter Wylie
Behavior and Social Science 2nd Blayke Goff wylie
Biomedical and Health 1st Haiden Yount Wylie
Physics and Astronomy 1st Jadyn Mejia finn
Physics and Astronomy 2nd Eden Carr Gregg
Physics and Astronomy 3rd Ganyn Crump Wylie
Physics and Astronomy 3rd Noah Lu Wylie
Physics and Astronomy 4th Christopher Cole McCaffery
Robotics and Intellignet Machines 1st Iann Roos Gregg
Engineering and Mechanics 1st Ja'nya Hubbard Gregg
Engineering and Mechanics 2nd Roger Bell McCaffrey
Engineering and Mechanics 3rd Ashlynn Meredith Fore