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Pollinator Art Garden


Ms. Hoxie's Grant from MS Power

Ms. Hoxie was award the MS Power environmental grant for her “P.A.G.” Pollinator Art Garden! Now Ms. Hoxie and her students can make a bigger garden outside our building The garden 🌻🌷will be an art sculpture garden 🎨 that will also include plants that attract pollinators! 🦋

Hopefully we will see lots of Monarchs this spring! 🐛


“P.A.G.” Pollinator Art Garden

Popp’s Ferry Elementary Kindergarten through Fourth grades will learn how to be better stewards of the Earth by taking part in a special pollinator art garden. Students will learn abouth native pollinators and the kinds of plants and flowers needed to attract a wide range of pollinating insects.

Art will be incorporated into our beautiful garden! Students will help paint the rectangular wooden garden in bright colors using exterior house paints.  Students will also paint large stones with positive phrases such as “Shine Bright”, “You Rock”, “Dream Big” as well as uplifting designs like  rainbows, smiley faces and hearts. The colorful rocks will be placed in the garden.

Students, faculty, staff, visitors, and insects will enjoy this beautiful art garden!


Garden 1 Garden 2 Garden 3