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Popp's Ferry Students make a video to raise awareness of the Literacy-Based Promotion Act

Have you heard of the new Literacy-Based Promotion Act?
This school year, the new 3rd grade Gate Law has been put into effect.  The State of Mississippi seeks to ensure that all children are reading on grade-level by 3rd grade.
This law says that if a 3rd grade child scores in the lowest achievement level on the state reading test, the student will not pass the 3rd grade.
There are exceptions to this law.
1. Student is an English Language Learner (ELL) with less than 2 years of English instruction.
2. Student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that says (s)he should not take the state test.
3. Student has a disability AND IEP or 504 that shows intense reading remediation for 2 years but still is behind AND was retained at least one.
4. Student has been retained 2 times AND has received 2 years of intensive reading intervention.
5. Student shows reading proficiency on an alternative assessment approved by the Mississippi Department of Education.
If the student is given an exemption and is allowed to pass 3rd grade without being proficient in reading, (s)he SHALL be provided with intensive reading instruction in 4th grade.

To view the video created by our Popp's Ferry students, watch below.