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K-5 Math Facts Fluency Standards



Dear Parent or Guardian,
      Knowing math facts fluently is one component of student success in math. There is much research to show that the ability to recall math facts fluently is essential for students to gain higher order math skills including Algebra. The brain is able to free up space to really concentrate on the math problems once a student knows his/her math facts fluently.
     Each student from Kindergarten through 5th grade will receive a separate math fluency grade in addition to their regular math grade on the report card each nine weeks. Each student will receive flashcards from the district so they can practice at home. Teachers will focus on teaching the math concepts in class. this will lead to a much higher understanding of math during the elementary grades.
     The fluency design is set up so students leaving third grade are fluent with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students entering fourth grade will really work on understanding real word problems involving the 4 basic operations (+, -, x, and division). As your child enters fifth grade they will delve deeper into (+, -, x, and division) multi-digit whole numbers, fractions, and decimals, along with area and volume. Students entering 6th grade will leave their prospective elementary school with a strong foundation of the concepts of math which will lead to success at Biloxi Junior High.
The rubric used each nine weeks to determine your student's fluency rating is below:
 Exceeds Standards
 Almost Proficient 2
 Not Proficient 1
             Thanks in advance for your support with the implementation of the Biloxi Public School District fluency standards this year.