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First Grade School Supply List (2017-2018)



 Two (2) boxes of 24-count crayons One (1) pack of dry erase markers One (1) 3-ring binder (1-inch) 
 Two (2) 24-count pack of pencils  
 One (1) pair of Fiskar scissorsOne (1) pack of pencil top erasers
 One (1) school supply box (pencil box)Two (2) glue sticks One (1) Composition Book 
 One (1) pack of markers-classic(no glitter)Four (4) 3-prong, 2-pocket folders (2 green, 2 yellow)  One (1) pair of headphones (no ear buds) for computer use
 Kleenex Paper towels  
 A request may be made during the school year to replenish your child's classroom supplies or to provide additional materials for special projects