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Little Peoples Bank School Savings Program

Want your Child to earn FREE money and SAVE at the same time?

Save for America Program through The Peoples Bank

Hey parents!  The Peoples Bank is offering in-schools Savings Program at Jeff Davis Elementary in conjunction with the Save for America program.  This program allows your child to make weekly deposits AT SCHOOL into their own Peoples Bank regular savings account (either an already established account or by creating a new one with YOU as the joint-holder). 

Deposits will be accepted on Monday, starting Sept. 10, 2018. 
No account number is ever needed for your child to make a deposit.

There is no MINIMUM or maximum deposit amount each week, but students MUST deposit SOMETHING each open bank day in order to receive the bonus reward at the end of the school year.  And for those students who make the weekly deposit on each and every established bank day throughout the school year, a deposit of $25 will be made courtesy of The Peoples Bank into his or her account.


·        If you already have an established school savings account with The Peoples Bank, no additional paperwork is needed.

·         If you need to establish an account, PLEASE be sure to complete an application and send it in soon!

The application MUST include the student’s SSN and signature and at least one guardian’s SSN and signature as well.  Also, a copy of the signing guardian’s photo ID is required to establish the account. 
 If you prefer, you can turn in your application to ANY BRANCH of the Peoples Bank.