2021-2022 Cheer Team

  • Congrats to the 2021-2022 BHS Cheer Team and Mascot. Please don't forget about our fitting Wednesday March 31 at 3:30 in the practice gym. See you then! 

    Ashlyn Harbison-Mascot

    Myleigh Alford

    Maddie Boudreaux-Competition

    Georgia Carter-Competition

    Kiera Creel-Competition

    Emily Delano-Competition

    Bailee Edwards

    Tallyn Fayard

    Morgan Gibbs

    Ava Guizar

    Marina Hays-Competition

    Aubrie Hill-Competition

    Ava Holley-Competition

    Joely Holland

    Natalie Hulett-Competition

    Aislyn Leary-Competition

    Emerson Lind-Competition

    Georgia Loveless-Competition

    Beth Mullins

    Stella Nadolski-Competition

    Loxleigh Pisarich-Competition

    Collette Reynolds-Competition

    Ava Romero

    Ann Lauren Schmidt

    Ava Truong

    Addison Yelverton