Mrs. Stacey Butera

Phone: 228-435-2751 X 2215


Degrees and Certifications:

English Degree / University of South Alabama / Master of Arts Alternate Route / Mississippi State University

Mrs. Stacey Butera

Stacey Butera

8th Grade English Language Arts

I have lived in Biloxi for over 20 years and have two children who attended Biloxi Public Schools.  Both my children attended North Bay Elementary and Biloxi Junior High before graduating from Biloxi High.  Both my children currently attend Mississippi State University.  My husband also graduated from Biloxi High School.

I have an undergraduate degree in English from the University of South Alabama and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Mississippi State.  I am passionate about reading and giving students the tools they need to succeed, not only in school, but as productive members of our community.  I am excited to about the wonderful 8th Grade English/Language Arts Team at Biloxi Junior High!

We are reading 2 extraordinary books this year.  For Terms 1 and 2, we will read one of my favorite books and arguably one of the best books ever written, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  The themes we’ll explore while reading To Kill a Mockingbird are The Golden Rule/Empathy and Taking a Stand.  During Terms 3 and 4, we’ll read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  Unbroken is the true story of the resilience and forgiveness of an amazing man, Louie Zamperini.  Louis Zamperini was an Olympic athlete and World War II bombardier whose story of survival adrift in the Pacific Ocean and in a POW camp has inspired so many of our students.

One of my goals each year is to encourage my students to become life-long readers.  I believe reading should be a positive activity and never punitive.  I also strive each year to help students to understand that the critical thinking skills they enhance in our class will be valuable to them throughout their life. I believe that students should learn to support their positions because in life when you give an answer, you should be able to say why.  I believe being able to discern purpose and practice empathy makes you a better reader and a better person.  Finally, I try to show students that to be able to express yourself clearly both verbally and in writing is critical to success in all areas of life.

In addition to teaching, I also play tennis and I am an avid reader.  I am proud to be a member of Indian Nation, and I look forward to a wonderful year!