Mrs. Slaydon

Phone: 228-436-5110


Degrees and Certifications:

M.ED Educational Leadership B.S. K-6 Elementary Education & K-12 Reading

Mrs. Slaydon

3rd grade English Language Arts

City (from): Carriere

College(s) attended: William Carey University

Degree(s): M.Ed in Educational Leadership & B.S. in Elementary Education

Immediate family: Matthew Slaydon (husband), Sebastian Slaydon (son), and Dottie Slaydon (daughter)

Favorites: Seafood gumbo, dancing, and hanging out with my beautiful family and friends !


Why I chose and enjoy education I chose to be a part of education because both of my parents passed away when I was very young. During that time in my life, the teachers I had left a remarkable impact on me and I felt like I needed to give back and be a positive example for others.