Welcome to Biloxi High School Air Force JROTC


    What is Air Force JROTC?

    AFJROTC is an elective course at Biloxi High School open to all students. It is a blend of science, social science, technical course work, training and ceremonies, and the elements of leadership. The course is divided into three areas; Aerospace Science (40%), Leadership Education (40%) and Health & Wellness (20%). The Aerospace Science (AS) part provides an introduction to the historical, scientific and technical aspects of aerospace. The Leadership Education (LE) portion provides experiences to develop discipline, responsibility, communication skills and citizenship. Participation in the Junior ROTC program does not commit you to military service.

    Who teaches the AFJROTC course?

    Biloxi High School has three Aerospace Science Instructors (ASIs):  Maj W. Cory Lambert, MSgt Karen Chachere, and MSgt Stevie Hinton.  All three instructors are retired from the US Air Force, hold an Educator's License from the state of Mississippi and are certified by the USAF to serve as ASIs.  These instructors have over 100 years of USAF and AFJROTC experience. 

    Maj Lambert served 6 years as an enlisted aircraft maintenance technician and space systems operator.  After completing the USAF Officers Training School (OTS), he served another 16 years as a Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Operator.  He also served as an ICBM Operations instructor and as an Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies while assigned to AFROTC Detachment 432 at the University of Southern Mississippi.  He is the primary instructor for all third and fourth-year cadets (AS3s and AS4s).

    MSgt Chachere served over 21 years in the US Air Force and her past experiences includes assignments in Military Training, Professional Military Education and Pharmacy.  She is new to the Biloxi District but not to JROTC.  She started teaching JROTC in 2015.  She serves as the head coach of the MS-781 drill team, and is the primary instructor for all second-year cadets (AS2s).

    MSgt Hinton's experience includes over 20 years of service working as an Education & Training Instructor where he presented classroom instruction to students on Active Duty, Reserve, Guard, and International Students.  He started teaching at Biloxi High School in 2008.  He serves as the head coach of the MS-781 Physical Training (PT) team and School/Community Support team, and is the primary instructor for all first-year cadets (AS1s).

    What are the goals of AFJROTC?

    AFJROTC acquaints students with the history of aviation and today's aerospace age. It helps develop better informed citizens and promotes an understanding of traits that will help students become more productive after graduation in their chosen field. This course strengthens character, builds leadership skills, and offers a unique environment adding a dimension to the overall educational process.

    What job skills will I learn?

    • Written communications
    • Self discipline
    • General aviation
    • Goal setting
    • Public speaking
    • Group dynamics
    • Theories of flight
    • Leadership
    • Management principles
    • Time management
    • Customs and courtesies 
    • Teamwork

    What extra-curricular activities are available?

    • Drill Team
    • PT Team
    • Aircraft flights
    • Community service
    • Rocketry 
    • Academy Day 
    • Field/CIA trips
    • Color Guard
    • Academic Team
    • SADD
    • National Flight Academy - NAS Pensacola
    • Cadet Leadership Course 
    • Kitty Hawk Air Society