• Pupil Accounting 
    435- 6176
    Due to the importance of our instructional program and to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum, the following procedures will be followed:
    Phone Calls:
    Please do NOT call Pupil Accounting and ask us to give your child a message.  We are NOT allowed to give messages to students.  This includes telling students to ride the bus, don't ride the bus, to ride with other students, etc.  If you have an emergency that prohibits you from picking up  your child or meeting  their bus, or any type of emergencies that requires your child to receive a message, you may talk to one of the principals.  Pupil Accounting will NOT deliver messages of any kind to students.
    Students cannot be called out of class to pick up assignments, pictures, money or other items until the last five minutes of class.  Pupil accounting will do their best to ensure that students receive drop-off items in a timely  manner, but attendance must take priority!
    Deliveries to Students Floral, Gifts, Fast Food, Etc.
    If floral arrangements or other gifts are delivered to the school, they will not be accepted.
  • Pre-Checks:
    A student may be released for a doctor's appointment, dental appointment, or other just reason when the parent, legal guardian, or person authorized by the parent comes to the school and signs the student out (grades 6-8) or sends a note to the pupil accounting office stating the reason for check-out (grades 9-12).  This note must include the check-out time and a telephone number where the parent can be contacted and should be on file no later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of check-out.  If the note cannot be verified, the school reserves the right to refuse release of the student.  Pupil Accounting is NOT allowed to check student out over the phone.  If your child forgets his/her pre-check letter,  a person authorized on the student's checkout form must physically come into the office and check him/her out.  No pre-check notes will be accepted on term test days.
    Checkouts will NOT be permitted after 2:00 p.m.  Because many classrooms are located extreme distances from Pupil Accounting and take several minutes to reach, we are unable to send for students and get them back to Pupil Accounting before the end of the day.  Attendance is crucial in each class, and makes the difference of whether a student is counted as absent or present for the respective class.  Please do not call Pupil Accounting and ask to have your child waiting in the office for your arrival.  We can not have students standing around Pupil Accounting waiting to be picked up.