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Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. M.S. NFL Heads Up Football Certification Heads-Up Concussion Certification CPR and AED Certification Member of the M.A.C. and MHSAA

Mr. Molsbee

I am a teacher/coach here at Biloxi High School, and also at Biloxi Jr. High School.  I have been teaching for 20+ years with the majority of that time here in the Biloxi Public School District.  I received my Bachelors degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, and my Masters degree from William Carey University.  I teach Astronomy and Marine Biology here at Biloxi High School and also serve as the Head Men's Soccer Coach.  I also serve the Biloxi Jr. High School as the Head 7th Grade Football Coach and P.E. instructor.  I would like to welcome you to the Biloxi School District, and look forward to meeting you and your student.  GO BIG RED!!!
Google Classroom Code for Marine Biology:  pm5rgjb
Google Classroom Code for Astronomy:  lpprveg
  • Students should follow the PPts provided and submit 5 Vocabulary terms(Activity grade) and submit a 1/2 page summary of the planet and its moons, based on the weekly planets in the following order.

    Week 1: The Moon and Mercury

    Week 2: Venus

    ***We skip Earth because we did that last term

    Week 3: Mars

    Week 4: Jupiter

    Week 5: Saturn

    Week 6: Uranus

    Week 7: Neptune

    Week 8: Pluto, and any other Plutoids you want to throw in there from the kuiper belt!

     WEEK 9: EXAM and GRADUATION!!!!!!!

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  • Students should follow the ppts and submit 20 Vocabulary terms(Activity Grade) per week, as well as write a 1/2 page description of the organisms(Test Grade) based on facts relating to the organisms in the following order:

    Week 1-Sponges and Jellyfish

    Week 2-Marine Worms

    Week 3-Marine Molluscs

    Week 4-Crustaceans

    Week 5-Echinoderms

    Week 6-Jawless and Bony Fish

    Week 7-Cartilaginous Fish

    Week 8-Marine Birds

    Week 9-Marine Reptiles

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