Cyber Foundations II (Mr. Hamilton)

  • My class will now be online. You can find information here:

    • Cyber Foundations 1 and 2 do not have paper packets for your parents to pick up, as we are a computer based course.

    • Starting Monday, March 23, log into your Google classroom, and do the assignments listed.

      Email me if you need help.  My email is  Or you can ask a question through google classroom.  You can also reach me through Remind or School Status. The best time to reach me is during regular school hours. Please realize that I might be dealing with 100+ student questions. Please be patient.

      I will be online with you for a few hours daily to answer any questions.  If I'm not online, ask a question through google classroom.

      I am hoping to use Zoom or Google Meet to allow for video instruction.  I will keep you posted on my progress on that front. 

      Be safe out there!

      Remember that we can do this together!

      Email me if you have issues at



      How to access Google Classroom:

      1. First step: log in to google with your indiannation email.
      2. Go to the top right corner, click on the waffle.
      3. Select Google Classroom
      4. Click on the plus sign - top right corner
      5. Select join a class, and input the class code found below. 

      Below is listed the classroom code for each of my classes. 

      (class code in red)

      1st period - Cyber Foundations 2 - i6mdvnf

      2nd period - Cyber Foundations 2 - 63amqzm

      3rd period - Cyber Foundations 2nusxxr7

      4th period - Cyber Foundations 2 - loejon7

      5th period - Cyber Foundations 2 - oxvqidd






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