• Pupil Accounting
    Phone: (228) 435- 1421
    Courtney Myers 
    Pupil Accounting Manager
    Due to the importance of our instructional program and to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum, the following procedures will be followed:

    Phone Calls:
    We are not allowed to give messages to students. This includes telling students to ride or not to ride the bus, ride with other families, etc. If you have an emergency that prohibits you from picking up your child or meeting their bus, or any type of emergency that requires your child to receive a message, you may speak to one of our principals.

    Deliveries to Students: Floral, Gifts, Food, etc.:
    If any of the above items are delivered to a student, they will be refused. This includes fast food, restaurant delivery services, floral arrangements, gifts, etc.

    SCHOOL ESSENTIAL ITEMS: Chromebooks, chargers, school-essential items:
    We encourage students to bring all essential items with them to school every day. In the occasional event that an essential item is needed by a student, it can be dropped off in the office and left on an unattended table AT YOUR OWN RISK with a note attached to the item with the student’s name. You and your student are responsible for the item. The school is not responsible for the item. The student will be required to retrieve the item during non-instructional time. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the student to retrieve the item. Pupil Accounting will not disturb instructional
    time to notify students of the item(s).

    All students are required to be seated, in their classroom, when the bell rings. Otherwise, your student is considered tardy.

    Buses begin arriving for dismissal at 2:45pm. Anyone trying to exit campus after that time may be delayed until after the buses depart.

    When a student becomes ill or an emergency arises during the regular school day, the student must report to the nurse or Pupil Accounting. The ONLY individuals who are allowed to check out the student are the ones listed on your authorized list and will be required to provide a picture ID. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Pupil Accounting is not allowed to check students out over the phone and is not allowed to have your student waiting for you in the office. The student’s authorized contact must enter the building and provide a picture ID.

    Pre-Checks are not allowed at Biloxi Junior High School.

    Please review the Attendance Policy in the Student Handbook, which was provided to you online during registration, for detailed information regarding required attendance. It is also online on the BJHS website under “Students & Parents".