Course Description

  • Calculus is a branch of mathematics that involves the study of rates of change. Topics include functions, limits and continuity, derivatives, and integrals. The course will focus on applying the skills and concepts of calculus to modeling and solving problems across multiple representations. Although this course is not a college level course, the pace and outline will be very similar without the added pressure of the AP Exam at the end. 

Personal Grading Policies

  • Activity Grades

    • Practice will be assigned on via Google Classroom. This will serve as the activity grade(s) for the unit. 
      • Due at 8 AM the day of the test for the given unit
      • Can be turned in after the due date before the last day of the term (date specified by me) for up to 85% credit
    • Quizzes will be given at least once each unit. 

    Test Grade Policy

    Unit Tests will be given at the end of each unit.

    1. Test Corrections
      • You will correct your test on blank paper following the guidelines I give you. All corrections will earn HALF CREDIT back to your test.
      • Due 1 week after your test is handed back to you
    2. Reteach/Retest
      • Eligibility for Reteach/Retest
        • Everyone gets 1 per nine weeks 
        • Raw score of 50% or lower 
      • The only way to get out of reteaching is to complete your test corrections for no credit. This shows you understand the mistakes you made and do not need me to explain anything again. 
      • Reteaching will consist of going over any questions from the test that you still do not understand and then completing practice problems together if time allows.
      • Retests are always short answer, do not expect an easier test for retesting.

    Calculus Syllabus