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    Good Afternoon Indian Nation,

    I am contacting you today to provide you with updates on the current situation involving our school system during this unparalleled global pandemic.  I would like to begin by encouraging our families to adhere to the social distancing recommendations put in place by the CDC. I encourage everyone to make necessary changes to your daily routines and lifestyle to protect yourselves and our community.  Personal sacrifices and inconveniences can go a long way in helping to prevent the spread of this virus.

    Based on the guidance provided by our governor today, the Biloxi Public School system will extend physical school building closures through April 17.  At that time, a re-assessment of physical closures will occur with input from various state agencies. I would like to stress that while these physical closures are not ideal, we do have an excellent plan in place to continue high quality instruction in an online environment.  We are still having school, but have shifted to an in-home instruction model. This is something that we have been planning for the past several weeks and our staff have worked tirelessly to make this transition as smooth as possible. District-wide details are listed below, but expect to receive more detailed information from individual schools.

    Food Services

    • Beginning Thursday March 19, food will be available for all students of the Biloxi Public Schools.
    • Pickup locations are Gorenflo Elementary, North Bay Elementary, and Popps Ferry Elementary.
    • All students are eligible.
    • Students may visit any of these three campuses.
    • Pick up times are 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM.
    • These services will operate each weekday during school closure periods.
    • Food will be provided in a drive through (grab and go) system with lunch and breakfast for the next day provided. 
    • Students must be present to receive food services.

    Online Instructional Services

    • Classroom teachers will continue providing instructional services via Google Classroom.
    • Specific details will be distributed from each individual school.
    • Most 3rd grade and above classrooms utilized this platform prior to the global pandemic, so students should be familiar and comfortable with the system.
    • Grades K-2 will have Google Classroom capabilities before the end of the week.  Details will be provided from each individual school.
    • We encourage students to devote a portion of each day to an academic area.
    • Google Classroom can be accessed via a computer, tablet, or smart phone.
    • Please remember that many cell phone providers allow you to utilize your phone as a hot spot to connect devices to the internet when internet service is unavailable. 

    Biloxi Junior High & Biloxi Upper Elementary students without a device (does not include elementary schools)

    • Chromebooks will be available for pickup at these schools on Monday March 23 from 4:00 – 6:00 PM.
    • Due to limited availability, we ask that you only request a device if you do not have access to a device at home.
    • This will be a grab and go system with limited entry to the school.

    Those without access to internet service (all grade levels).

    • Paper packets will be available each Monday for pickup between 4:00 – 6:00 PM at all campuses.
    • This will be a grab and go system with limited entry to the school.
    • Packets will be spaced out appropriately.
    • Students must report to their assigned campus for packets.
    • If you have access to Google Classroom you are not to report to school to pick up paper packets.
    • Packets will include one week of academic work.
    • After week 1 of school closures, students will return the previous week’s packet when they pick up the next week’s packet.

    We ask for your continued patience as we move forward, adjust, and find better solutions to our current situation.  We are faced with constantly changing circumstances, but we will adjust as needed. I am reminded that during difficult times we often see the best characteristics in people.  I have already witnessed the dedication and determination of the Biloxi Public Schools staff in preparing the best learning environment possible in one of the worst situations that we can contemplate.  That dedication assures me that we will come through this just fine and be stronger individuals when it is over. We are united as a school, local, state, national, and global community and we will overcome this together.

    Stay safe Indian Nation!

    Thank you,
    Marcus Boudreaux
    Superintendent, Biloxi Public School District