• miércoles, el 16 de octubre de 2019

    La campanada #1-2


    martes, el 8 de octubre de 2019

    1. Copy la campanada

    2. Para el exámen, estudia:

    The exam covers classroom expressions, introductory conversation and courtesy, ser, tener, family, date, time, interrogative words and Destinos.


    Para practicar:

    1. Destinos family

    2. Ser

    3. Listening regarding Destinos

    4. Quiz on Destinos

    5. Asking questions in Spanish plus practice. 

    6. Practice with interrogatives.

    7. Practice with numbers.


    jueves, el 3 de octubre de 2019

    Unit 2 test work corrections: click here


    miércoles, el 1o de octubre de 2019

    Copy la campanada.


    viernes, el 20 de septiembre de 2019

    1. Copy bell work.

    2. Go to StudySpanish.com. Read the lesson and complete the basic quiz and minitest for lessons 4, 5, 6, and 7.

    3. Take your notes on don Fernando's family and directed below.

    4. Work on the Duolingo test grade assignment due el 27 de septiembre.


    jueves, el 19 de septiembre de 2019

    Use this power point as your guide.

    1. Copy bell work.

    2. Correct your noun practice chart.

    3. Complete the nouns practice worksheet. You will lose ten points if you do not write your Spanish name, your last name, and your class period at the top of the paper. You may use www.spanishdict.com if you need additional vocabulary.

    4. Copy the family vocabulary.

    5. Take notes about don Fernando's family using this power point.

    Due today are the noun worksheets (2).


    martes, el 10 y el miércoles, el 11 de septiembre de 2019 

    1. Copy bell work.

    2. Go to StudySpanish.com. Under "Grammar," read the lesson and complete the basic quiz and minitest for lessons 13, 14, 52, and 53.

    3. Complete the review packet.

    This work is due Thursday, el 12 de septiembre.


    jueves, el 5 de septiembre de 2019.

    Check your answers to your study guide here.


    martes, el 3 de septiembre de 2019

    1. Make corrections to your work as listed below on viernes, 30 de agosto. It is to be turned in at the beginnning of class tomorrow.

    2. Go to StudySpanish.com and log in. Read the lesson and complete the basic quiz and minitest for lessons 1 and 2, the gender of nouns. You must pass the basic quiz for the minitest grade to count. This is due today.

    3. Complete the Duolingo test grade assignment, intro through people. It is due Friday, el 6 de septiembre.


    viernes, el 30 de agosto de 2019

    1. Complete bell work test.

    2. Make corrections to textwork pages 8 and 9, conversation practice, and the matching worksheet using a different color pen. Click here. Turn in your work by the end of class on martes, el 3 de septiembre. You will not receive a grade for this work until it is turned in with corrections. If everything is correct, put a check.

    3. Work on Duolingo.


    viernes, el 16 de agosto de 2019

    1. Copy bell work.

    2. Copy classroom expressions, if needed.

    3. Sign up for StudySpanish following the directions provided. Then, click on "Grammar," read the lesson then complete the Basic Quiz and Minitest for lesson 3 "Numbers 1-10." You must pass the Basic Quiz for your Minitest grade to count.

    4. Sign in to your new Duolingo account and complete 20 XP. Complete the "Intro" not the "Placement Test."

    5. Go to Destinos under my "Links" page. Complete the sentence translations and answers for episode 2. Use the subtitles.

     All work is due by martes, el 20 de agosto. (11:59PM el lunes for Study Spanish and Duolingo)



    jueves, el 15 de agosto de 2019

    Click here for the pledge in Spanish on YouTube. You must recite the pledge in Spanish for a test grade either 16 agosto or 19 agosto.