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    Welcome to the Biloxi Schools' Office of Child Nutrition
    The Office of Child Nutrition for Biloxi Public Schools is committed to serving nutritious, safe, and balanced meals that exceed all federal nutritional guidelines.  Our department provides quality nutrition programs that promote life-long healthful living while providing nutritious meals each day that prepare children for learning.
    The Child Nutrition Department is a Federal Program administered by the United States Department of Agriculture(USDA), the Mississippi Department of Education, and the local School Board.  Strict regulations are placed on the department in all areas, but particularly nutritional content of all foods available to students on each school campus.
    Customers are offered a daily variety of foods prepared fresh daily that are high in whole grains, fresh produce and include low-fat and fat-free milk.  We partner with other school and local programs to provide health and nutrition education opportunities.  The goal of ourdepartment is to ensure your student receives the best nutritional experience possible so that they can be healthy, fit, and ready to succeed.