• Medical Forms    
    Anaphylaxis Action Plan - Used when a child has a history of severe allergies - includes food and drug allergies.

    Asthma Action Plan - Required if child has been diagnosed with Asthma.  Provides a step-by-step plan of care for the child.
    Diabetes Emergency Health Plan - Required if child is diagnosed with diabetes.  This step-by-step guide allows for anyone to understand emergency steps needed to take in the event of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.
    Medication Form - Complete this form to have any medication administered at school by nurse or authorized personnel.  It must be signed by a physician.
    Medication Policy - Biloxi Public Schools mandates these procedures MUST be followed when your child has to take prescription and/or over-the-counter medicine during school hours.
    Physician's Report of Physical Observations - To be completed by the physician.
    Physician's Report of Physically Disabling Conditions - To be completed by the physician.
    Seizure Action Plan - This action plan is completed by physician as a safety plan for a student diagnosed with seizures.