• As of January 3, 2022

    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students: 

     I am very excited about being a partner in education with you at Biloxi High School.  Cybersecurity is very important in this day and age, and it is great to be able to be a part of establishing this program at BHS.  I expect this year to be a challenging, rewarding, educational, and positive experience that could lead students to an interest in a technology field career.

    Classroom Expectations 

    • Classroom expectations are outlined in the School-Wide Discipline Plan

    Discipline (per School-Wide Discipline Plan)

    • 1st Offense: Warning / Student Conference 
    • 2nd Offense: After-school Detention/Parent Contact
    • 3rd Offense: After-school Detention/Parent Contact
    • 4th Offense: Office Referral*

    *Please note that some offenses such as skipping, vulgar language, and physical threats are immediate referrals, and unethical hacking (specific to the Cybersecurity course) must be referred directly to the office*

    Classroom Information 

    1. Come prepared to class. This includes having the following:
    • The student school-issued Chromebook
    • The virtual security lab started on the classroom set of laptops as the tardy bell rings
    1. Yearly Overview (refer to Google Classroom for specific assignment dates)
    • Term 1 (Unit 1: Personal Security)
      • 1.1 Introduction to Cybersecurity
      • 1.2 Security and the Internet
      • 1.3 Protect Your Data 
    • Term 2 (Unit 2: System Security)
      • 2.1 Information Architecture
      • 2.2 Server Vulnerabilities
      • 2.3 Server Exploits
      • 2.4 The E-Commerce Site
    • Term 3 (Unit 3: Network Security)
      • 3.1 Files and Processes
      • 3.2 Attacks for the Net
      • 3.3 Analyzing the Net
      • 3.4 Securing the Net
    • Term 4 (Unit 4: Applied Cybersecurity)
      • 4.1 Cryptography
      • 4.2 Digital Forensics
      • 4.3 Criminal Justice and Computer Science
    1. Grading
    • Grades will be updated in the online grading system, PowerSchool (the district’s new grading platform). Students will be required to monitor his/her grades.  Parents also have access to the online grade system to monitor grades.  Please feel comfortable emailing me at eric.sanchez@biloxischools.net  Visit the biloxischools.net website and find the “grades” link.
    • Activity grades will be earned by completing activities per the assignments in Google Classroom which lead to the PLTW.org website.
    • Test grades will be earned by completing the projects from the PLTW.org website.
    • The term exams will be “problems” found on the PLTW.org website.  The problems are designed to have students utilize all skills learned in the unit.
    • Grades that show up as a “1” in the online grade book mean the student must make up the work.  A “1” does lower the student average until the assignment is completed.
    • A blank or missing grade does not affect the student’s overall grade; however, students are encouraged to make up the less as the information will be used on projects.  I will never replace a blank grade with a “0” which lowers the overall average.  A “0” in this class can only be earned by cheating.  Refusing to complete work will result in a “1” in the grade book 
    • Communication: Real-time online grade book provides a midterm progress report and a term progress report.  Phone and email communication are always available.  The best method is to email for the fastest response and a follow-up phone call if needed.
    1. Make-up Work
    • Students will find all required work in Google Classroom.  The online grading system will match the due dates and titles that are in Google Classroom.  Students may work on any activities outside of class as long as they can access the internet.  The Cybersecurity test will be in the form of Projects on the PLTW site.  Students should plan to do the projects when returning to school.
    1. General Classroom Expectations:  
    • The class will focus on electronic delivery minimizing the need for paper.  Specifically, the district has contracted with the PLTW.org website to provide a virtual security lab for students to learn without fear of impacting an actual machine.   
    • A digital notebook will be found on the student’s Google Drive through Google Classroom. The students answer questions and provide screenshots of their work to earn grades.
    • Cell phones or other electronic devices can be a distraction if not used properly.  We will use the student Chromebook and the classroom laptop daily. The Chromebook will be helpful for the student to display the steps of the security lab while the security lab is running on the classroom laptop.