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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

Past Due Assignments

  • PICK YOUR CHARACTER for the Character Analysis! Sign up here.   Check the Character Picks list to see who's already got what!
    Remember, you are diagnosing your character with a disorder and then using the character's behavior, the Myers text, the DSM, and one current research article to "back up" or prove your claim. Then, you are writing a report that tells me all this.  Bonus points for turning in projects early. Be sure to read the instructions in the Assignment.
     To simplify, you will turn in three things:
    1--Your report has 5 pages: title, abstract, body (at least 2), and references. Use the APA Template (*updated header) here.  Most people may end up with more than two pages of body, though, depending on their character's disorder(s). 
    2--A picture of yourself with your name and one or two-sentence bio (as if you are a psychologist) on a piece of paper no bigger than 3x5
    3--The one page character summary will have a picture of your character, the characters names, birth date or age, brief history of symptoms, and diagnosis.         These should not be paragraphs, just listed like this (be creative):
    Patient Name: Glinda East
    Nickname: Glinda the good witch
    Age: approximately 25
    Residence: Land of Oz
    Brief patient history:
    Recommended treatments:
    Monday, 3/31
    • EmpPowerPoint lecture
    • Discussion of material and project
     Tuesday, 4/1
    • Finish EmPowerPoint
    • Review of disorders and treatment options; study for active quiz tomorrow
     Wednesday, 4/2
    • Turn in PsychSim worksheets to tray (14/15, two questions each)
    • "Diagnose Me" activity/active quiz (students act out disorders as psychologists question them and practice active listening)
     Thursday, 4/3
    • Complete "Diagnose Me"
    • Students receive review handouts/practice test to aid study
     Friday, 4/4
    • Projects due
    • Test on Disorders and Treatment options