• AP Psychology's Top 15


    Congratulations to the following students, as they are the top performers in AP Psychology as of10/10/14 at 4:32 PM!

    Keep up the hard work and long hours of studying!
    *If you are not on this list but want to be, talk to some of the Top15 and see what strategies they are using!

    Madison Hansen, 10th                                     2nd Period

    Jenny Nguyen, 10th                                         2nd Period

    Carter Brand, 11th                                           3rd Period

    Ciera Promprakai, 11th                                    2nd Period

    Yvonne Russell, 10th                                       1st  Period

    Taylor Kelly, 11th                                            3rd Period

    Junica Ancla, 12th                                            3rd Period

    Jonathan Ambion, 11th                                    1st  Period

    Madison Barnhisel,  11th                                 3rd Period

    Hanna Brewer,            11th                              3rd Period

    Alexandra Brooks, 10th                                   2nd Period

    Kiera Paxton, 11th                                           1st Period

    Matthew Lawrence, 11th                                 2nd Period

    Sydney Cannette, 10th                                      1st Period

    Chandler Lipscomb, 11th                                 2nd Period