Course description and Objectives

            Students will be exposed to many forms of music, i.e. classical, jazz, blues, and some popular music. Students will participate in many activities to develop rhythmic, expressive, and vocal skills. Students will perform basic rhythmic patterns on various instruments. Students will sing a variety of melodies. Students will read notes on the staff and perform on various instruments.


            All materials will be provided. 


    Class Expectations

    M Make responsible choices.

    U Use the instruments carefully.

    S Show respect.

    I Involve yourself in classroom activities.

    C Cooperate with others.


            There will be upcoming programs or performances at this time. Dates TBD!


    Grading Scale

           100- Excellent - consistently displays evidence of mastering the skill/worked or performed at a consistently high level/participated the entire class

            90-Satisfactory-displays evidence that the skill is mastered most of the time/ worked or performed at a moderate level/participated most of class

            80- Needs improvement-displays evidence that the skill is still being learned and practiced/worked or performed at a low level/participated in some of the class

            70-Unsatisfactory-displays no evidence of learning or practicing the skill/student did not work or perform at appropriate level/ did not listen or participate during class