Mentally Fractured Fairy Tales (test)
    1. Get into a class group.
    2. Select a familiar childhood story or “fairy” tale (different story for each group)
    3. Retell or recreate the story, within the following guidelines:
    • a. at least 3 characters have psychological disorders or chronic problems
    • b. at least one character who is a mental health professional working from a specific perspective
    • c. at least 12 psychological terms or concepts used/obviously embedded within plot/dialogue (cleverly); these can be from any chapter
    1. Present your version of your story to the class (10-12 minutes per group) (Date TBA)
    2. You may use props or media – be as creative as you like
    3. All members of your group must be obvious participants
    4. While we are all looking to be entertained, the intellectual, course-related content must be present.
    5. While we are all looking to be entertained, the presentation must be G-rated and in good taste.
    6. Presentation must be accompanied by a two page handout (for me) which includes:
      1. the retold/recreated story (lines with dialogue; can be written in the style of a play); must include list of actors/characters
      2. for each person’s disorder, include a description of symptoms and an appropriate therapeutic method
      3. for the mental health professional, a description of his/her method  or perspective
      4. list of the psychological terms & definitions, concepts to be included
    7.  Divide labor and assign jobs asap, that way people can work on this during the week, even if others in the group are testing.

    WOW (Words of Wisdom) and Advise for TMan (daily)
    Details to be given in class.
    • Leave your words of wisdom about learning psych for those who will follow in your footsteps.
    • Make a list of "best" activities/assignments and advise for Ms. Manners to incorporate into next year's class.

    Careers, Degrees, Classes in Psychology and Uses of Psychology (daily)

    Research or Games 
    Details to be given in class.