• Graphic Design     Course Syllabus     

    Teacher:  Mr. Campbell  E-mail: jeff.campbell@biloxischools.net

    This course provides an overview of software applications including but not limited to Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, MS Image Composer, and other related graphics programs employed by digital imaging artists.  Included in this course is the discussion of aesthetic decisions as they relate to image composition. The ethical and legal implications of image manipulation are discussed as well as various presentation possibilities.
    Course Objectives:
    • Develop a basic understanding of techniques as they relate to the production of graphic design.
    • Acquire basic technical and conceptual skills required in the graphic design profession.
    • Participate in creative problem-solving.
    • Research copyright rules, regulations, and issues related to graphics and images produced by others and original work, and adhere to those rules and regulations when developing work.
    • Identify the similarities and differences between news and advertisement.
    • Discuss plagiarism and the consequences of plagiarizing.
    • Explore image composition and elements of visual design through photography.
    • Use photo manipulation to investigate the potential of color enhancement and retouching.
    • Identify terminology related to the photo editing software.
    • Apply color theory and design principles.
    • Demonstrate use of selection, drawing, and painting tools in appropriate graphic design software.

    Tests and Grades

    Grading: A=90-100    B= 80-89    C=70-79    D=65-69    F=Below 65    I=incomplete

    Grading follows the policies of Biloxi Public Schools.  Progress reports will be issued at mid-term and report cards will be issued following the end of each term. 


    Test:  Test count 55% of the student’s grade and are given at the end of each unit covered (usually within a two week period).  Daily work counts as another 35% of the student’s grade and each term test counts 10%.
    Misc. Projects:  There will be miscellaneous hands-on projects based on both the Principles and Elements of Design.

    Retesting: Students are incouraged to study for the original test given.  Retesting will be available before or after school, to any student that fails a test.  Students are allowed only one attempted retest each term.  In order to retest, students must attend a re-teach/learning session and complete an assignment/remedial work prior to retesting.   The highest grade given for a Retest will be a 65 (the lowest passing grade}. Retesting is not permitted for students who are caught cheating on a test.

    Cheating and Plagiarism:  Cheating/Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Any student caught cheating and or plagiarizing will receive a zero for the assignment and/or test in question.

    Additional Comments:
    Students taking this class are expected to maintain an atmosphere that helps everyone learn and study.  Since all work is completed in the computer lab, attendance is extremely important for success in this class. Work missed during an absence should be made up as soon as possible so the student does not fall behind.  It is the responsibility of the student to keep up with their grades and/or makeup work/tests.