Graphic Design 
    The profession of graphic design utilizes creativity and technology to communicate ideas or messages. The outcomes of this communication can be in the form of printed materials, architectural signage and graphics, exhibition environments, packaging and electronic media. While primarily concerned with the visual communication of information, graphic designers are also interested in the persuasive nature of the message.
    Careers in Graphic Design
    As the bridge between information and purpose, graphic designers research social, cultural and commercial trends, analyze changing values, brainstorm ideas, and convert their findings into new messages, artifacts and experiences.
    Career Opportunities:

    Art director
    Corporate identity designer
    Design director
    Environmental designer
    Display designer
    Information designer
    Typeface designer
    Editorial designer
    Multimedia and Web designer
    Sign systems designer
    Production director
    Graphic designer for magazines
    User experience designer
    Graphic designer for production houses
    Graphic designer for service bureaus
    Graphic designer for television and movie studios
    Graphic designer for publishing and advertising