• Unit 9 Development
    Correlates with Ch. 5 in the 9e book

    Unit 9 Assignments: Development   Download the Understanding Psych pages for the Kubler-Ross Model of Grief. (144-146)

    TEST DATE: Wednesday, January 21 Friday, January 22

     Read the chapter and take notes for yourself as you read. Note that this chapter is Modules 45-54. I advise that you read the module, take notes, and complete flashcards for that module. Then answer the questions at the end to quiz yourself and answer the FRQ.  These may be taken for a grade! Use the PsychSim and Flip It Videos to aid your understanding. Always be prepared for pop quizzes and brief homework in addition to the practice below.

              PsychSim  Optional assignment for those with B average or above for Term II/Sem I. All others must complete tutorials, worksheets for each.

    ·          PsychSim 5 - Cognitive Development

    ·          PsychSim 5 - Conception to Birth  Both Due 1/12

    ·          PsychSim 5 - Signs of Aging

    ·          PsychSim 5 - Who Am I Both Due 1/20

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