•  2015-2016 Course Syllabus for Spanish 1   Term 1


    Teacher: Ynes G. Taylor   E-mail: ynes.taylor@biloxischools.net

    Teacher’s Web Site: www.biloxischools.net/schools/bhs/faculty/ynes.taylor


    Objectives: This is a general overview of what the teacher will teach and what the student is expected to master.

    The Foreign Language Curriculum FrameTwork includes the following objectives:      

    1.  To help students attain proficiency in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and


    2.  To help students acquire a firm linguistic base, this is the foundation of effective

         communication and meaningful language proficiency.

    3.  To present the language within the context of the contemporary Spanish-speaking world and

         its culture. Introduce the students to it’s music and it’s history.


    By the end of the term the students will be able to:

    1.   Demonstrate proper pronunciation of words in Spanish.

    2.   introduce themselves and others, express courtesy, and use common classroom expressions.  

    3.   Count from  0 to 100.

    4.   The days of the week, months of the year
    5.   Seasons and weather conditions
    6.   Tell time
    7.   Write and present to the class  short skits in Spanish.
    8.   Describe people and things.
    9.   How to tell where someone is from, adjectives of nationality.
    10. How top express what subjects you take and express an opinion about  them.
    11.  Nouns, adjectives and articles
    12. The verb "ser"
    13. "Tu" and "Usted"
    14.  Subject pronouns

    Each topic should last approximately 1 week, followed by a unit test. Quizzes will be given intermittently during the course of a unit. The pacing of topics will be determined by the pace of the class.

    Tests and Grades


    Grading:  A=90-100  B=80-89  C=70-79  D=65-69  F=below 65  I=incomplete

    Grading follows the policies of Biloxi Public Schools.  A mid-term progress report and a report card following the end of each term are issued.


    Tests: During the course of learning each objective, there will be quizzes to evaluate vocabulary, grammar comprehension and reading comprehension. Upon the conclusion of the topic, there will be a unit test. Test and quizzes are given on Fridays. Grades in this class are weighted as follows: tests = 55%, activities = 35%, term exam = 10%.



    Retesting:  The retesting program is not designed for students who did not study.  It is also not designed for those students that ask to retest before beginning the original test.  Only students who have demonstrated continuous and sincere effort to learn the material in class should ask to retest.

    A student may retest within 10 days of the return of the original test if that student has attended at least one 30-minute reteach session, has redone all work, and/or has completed additional study material.  Reteaching and retesting is available on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  There will be no retesting available on open-note or open-book tests.


    Homework/Assignments/Projects: Work is due at the beginning of class on the due date. Late work will be deducted one letter grade per day late. Students are responsible for all make-up work when absent. Bellringer and homework assignments are posted on the bulletin board and on a white board above the telephone.  When students come in they will know immediately what they missed and accomplish their work.  There is little homework to be expected. I prefer that most work is completed in class where I can assist  the student. Cheating on any assignment will result in a grade of zero.


    Course Requirements: Students must make an effort to participate in all class assignments. There is no expectation of perfection in speaking or in comprehension at this point. The focus is on the attempt at mastery. Class assignments will be varied to assure student success.  I require 1 project per semester.  Students will be given a rubric for these projects.