• Objective: Family Dynamics is a course that develops skills related to personal, family, and social issues. It includes instruction in dimensions of adolescent development, family decisions and responsibilities, social decisions and responsibilities, and management of family systems in today’s society.

    Unit 1:  Discovering You

    ______ 1.  Explore personality development in relation to one’s self and others.

    ______2.  Identify personal traits that build character.


    Unit 2: Discovering Relationship

    ______ 1. Compare and contrast communication techniques..

    ______ 2. Identify types of peer relationships and expectations.

    ______ 3. Recognize the functions of dating.

    ______ 4. Explore the concepts of love and commitment.


    Unit 3: Discovering Family Growth

    ______ 1.  Examine the criteria for creating a family.

    ______ 2. Evaluate the dynamics involved in preserving the family as a unit.

    ______ 3. Develop coping techniques for individuals dealing with crisis in the family.

    ______ 4. Examine factors of balancing work and family.

    ______ 5. Explore the aspects of domestic violence.


    Unit 4: Discovering Career Opportunities.

    ______1.  Describe the role of decision-making in setting and attaining goals. 

    ______2. Describe employment opportunities and responsibilities.

    ______3. Describe employment opportunities and responsibilities related to the family. 

    Tests and Grades

    Grading:  A=90-100  B=80-89 C=70-79  D=65-69 F=below 65  I=incomplete

    Grading follows the policies of Biloxi Public Schools.  A mid-term progress report and a report card following the end of each term are issued.


    Grading Schemes are as follows:  Tests- 55%, Activities-35%, and Exam-10%.  


    Test/Major Grades: A test or a project test grade will be given for each unit.  One of your major grades will be the completion of an interactive notebook. A comprehensive final exam will be given at the end of the semester. 



    • You will be assigned a weekly notebook check which will include bell work, exit sheets, and any other short assignment for the week.  
    • Vocabulary terms will be assigned for each unit. 


    Retesting:  A student may be retested when he/she requests.  A packet will be completed before the review, and then test will be administered.  The student will have 10 days after the test is returned. Projects will not be retested. 


    Daily Work /Projects: If you turn in a project or daily work late, then the highest will be an 80.   When absent you will be responsible for getting your work from the make-up day you return to class. 


    Course Requirements: 

    • Three-pronged folder with a pocket or section of a binder for notebook checks.

    A composition notebook due the first week of school.