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    Objectives: Physical education will encourage a lifestyle and mindset of wellness, fostering a lifelong participation in sports and recreational activities, by developing within each student health and sport related knowledge, skill, attitudes and values.



    General Course Overview:


    8-5 THRU 8-7-20:  Fitness Week/EXCERCISE

    -    Height / Weight / Fitness Assessment

    8/10 – 8/28-20:  Volleyball/Badminton

      • Teach the Rules of the Game / Students will be given a study guide
      • Master Volleyball Skills (Bump, Set, Spike, Pass)
      • Play Games

    8/31 – 9/18:  Softball

      • Teach the Rules of the Game / Students will be given a study guide
      • Master Football Skills (Throw, Catch, Hit)
      • Play Games

    9/21 – 10/02-20: Flag Football

      • Teach the Rules of the Game / Students will be given a study guide
      • Master Floor Hockey Skills (Throw, Catch)
      • Play Games

    10/05 – 10/23: Kickball/MODIFIED DODGE BALL

      • Teach the Rules of the Game / Students will be given a study guide
      • Master Softball Skills (Kick, Roll, Throw)
      • Play Games


     Tests and Grades


    Grading: A=90-100  B=80-89  C=70-79  D=65-69  F=below 65  I=incomplete

    Grading follows the policies of Biloxi Public Schools.  A mid-term progress report and a report card following the end of each term are issued.  The student’s current grades are available via Internet IOD. (http://iiod.ssts.com/Home.asp?state=MS)


    Tests/Projects: All tests/projects count for 20% of a student's grade. Make up tests will be scheduled before school. All tests will be due at the end of class.


    Retesting:  You will be given the opportunity to retest within ten days of receiving your graded test (date and time will be determined by the teacher). It may or may not be the same as the original test. The highest test grade will be taken. However, before you can retest, you must meet the following stipulations:


    1. You must sign up within 3 days after the graded test has been returned. Be sure to check with the teacher if you are absent.
    2. All re-teaching assignments must be completed prior to attending the re-teaching secessions ( 3 days prior to retesting)
    3. You must take the test on the date assigned by the teacher.



    Course Requirements: The curriculum focus is on lifetime fitness and physical activity.  Students are encouraged to work together in promoting course and individual goals.  Students must dress and participate every day in workout and sport activities. You are required to keep up with your notes throughout the term in preparation for the unit tests. Attendance is also important since the majority of assignments will require active student participation.


    Participation/Homework/Assignments: Daily participation accounts for 80% of a student's grade. Every student is required to participate in daily activities. (80% participation, 20% dress)


    Dress Code: Every student is required to dress for class. Students may either bring their own clothes or use a physical education uniform (T-shirt and shorts). Each student must pay a $5.00 Physical Education fee. The money will be used for the washing of the clothes everyday by school personnel.  The student is responsible for wearing the proper shoes/footwear to class every day (tennis shoes and socks).  The student will lose points daily for not dressing properly for class.



    Important Dates:


      Midterm progress report: Sept. 9th      Report card: Oct. 18th