• E2013-2014 Course Syllabus for Engineering II    Term 1




    Teacher: Tina Williams  E-mail: Tina.williams@biloxischools.net



    Teacher’s Web Site: mde.instructure.com




    Objectives: Engineering is a program in pre-engineering for high school students. The purpose of the program is to provide students with expanded knowledge of the use of technological skills and to enable them to solve problems by applying knowledge in a technological context. The program is designed to provide students with hands-on experiences related to the application of engineering concepts in the workplace. Students will develop academic and technical skills, 21st century skills, and human relations competencies that accompany technical skills for job success and lifelong learning. Students who complete the program will be better prepared to enter and succeed in engineering programs offered by Mississippi community and junior colleges and institutions of higher education




    Units that will be covered this term are:



    • The Four Systems


      • Electrical Systems


      • Fluid Systems


      • Mechanical Systems


      • Thermal Systems



    This syllabus is subject to change as the year progresses





    Tests and Grades




    Grading:  A=90-100  B=80-89  C=70-79  D=65-69  F=below 65  I=incomplete



    Grading follows the policies of Biloxi Public Schools.  A mid-term progress report and a report card following the end of each term are issued.




    Tests: Daily grades will be accumulated based on frequent quizes given at the beginning of class, dissussion questions on the Blackboard website, and various other assignments.  Tests will be given at the end of each unit.  The grading scale will be:  Tests = 55%, Daily = 35%, Term Test = 10%






    Retesting:  Students will be allowed to retest once they have approval from the teacher and have completed required retesting assignments.  Retesting will be allowed for test grades only and must be completed on date assigned.  Retesting will not be allowed on projects.   






    Homework/Assignments/Projects: All projects must be turned in on time unless absent on the day it is due.  In this case it is due the first day back. 




    Course Requirements: Students must return a signed lab contract and an Internet usage contract in order to participate in class.  They must also pass a safety test with the score of 100.






    Important Dates:



    Labor Day Holliday: September 2    Midterm progress report: September 9      Common Term Assessment: September 30-October 4  Report Cards: October 18