•  Course Syllabus for Mrs. Milbrath's  Art Classes 



    Teacher: Mrs. Milbrath  E-mail:sherry.milbrath@biloxischools.net

    Teacher’s WebSite: https://www.biloxischools.net/schools/bjh/faculty/sherry.milbrath/


    Objectives: COMPETENCIES and Suggested Learning Objectives:

    1.   Describe and use fundamental skills relatedto media, techniques, and

    processes tocreate and study works of art.  (CP)

    a.   Recognize and apply elements and principlesof art and design in specific

    works of art.

    b.   Practice safety and conservation in the useof tools, materials, and equipment.

    c.   Identify and apply appropriate techniquesfor using specific tools.

    d.   Work cooperatively with others.

    2.   Use basic skills to apply the elements andprinciples of design through

    media, techniques,and processes to communicate ideas, actions, and

    emotions.  (CP)

    a. Create awork of art that expresses a specific message.

    b. Articulatethe use of design principles to communicate ideas.

    c. Identifyand use symbols in own works and the work of others.

    3.   Increase knowledge and use of various media,techniques, and processes in

    creatingdifferent effects in works of art.  (CP)

    4.   Develop perceptual skills and use increasedvisual arts vocabulary to make

    judgmentswhile creating and studying works of art. (CA)


    Tests and Grades


    Grading: A=90-100  B=80-89  C=70-79 D=65-69  F=below 65  I=incomplete

    Grading follows the policies of Biloxi PublicSchools.  A mid-term progress report anda report card following the end of each term are issued.


    Tests: Term Tests Only


    Retesting: N/A Art only has Term Tests which are not retested.


    Homework/Assignments/Projects: Projects may be turned in past due date if discussed with teacher first. Projects may also be regraded if student works on problems with project and turns it back in after discussion with teacher.


    Course Requirements:Projects 90% of grade / Term Tests 10% of grade