• As of August 14, 2022

    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students: 

    As of August 14, 2022

    Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students: 

    I am very excited about being a partner in education with you at Biloxi High School. I expect this year to be a challenging, rewarding, educational, and positive experience that could lead students to an interest in a mathematical field career.

    Classroom Expectations 

    • Classroom expectations are outlined in the School-Wide Discipline Plan. Please note that some offenses such as skipping, vulgar language, and physical threats are immediate referrals that must be referred directly to the office*

    Classroom Information 

    1. Content: specific topics and content will be available in Google Classroom.

    2. Grading:

    • Grades will be updated in the online grading system, SAM Spectra (the district’s online grading platform). Students will be required to monitor their grades. Parents also have access to the online grade system to monitor grades. Please feel comfortable emailing me at eric.sanchez@biloxischools.net anytime there is a question about a grade. Visit the biloxischools.net website and find the “grades” link.

    • Activity grades will be earned by completing activities per the assignment schedule in Google Classroom. Types of activity grades will a a weekly average of classwork assignments, graded assignments (a quiz where the teacher can assist), and independent quiz grades.

    • Test grades will be earned on scheduled days per Google Classroom.

    • Grades that show up as a “1” in the online grade book mean the student must do the work.  A “1” significantly lowers the student average until the assignment is completed. The “1” is a reminder that the student must get caught up with assignments.

    • There are cases where a NG or NM may appear in the gradebook. The NG factors in as no credit (a zero). Please alert me if you see the NG. The NM will not affect the student’s overall grade. However, students are encouraged to make up the NM lessons as the information will be used on tests. Unless it is made clear to the student and parent on an agreed upon date, I will never replace an NM with a “1” or a  “0”, which lowers the overall average  A “0” in this class can only be earned by cheating.  Refusing to complete work will result in a “1” in the grade book. 

    • Communication: Real-time online grade book provides a midterm progress report and a term progress report.  Phone and email communication are always available. The best method is to email for the fastest response and a follow-up phone call or in-person conference if needed.

    1. Make-up Work: Students will find all the required work in Google Classroom. Students may work on any activities outside of class as long as they can access the assignments on the internet. The test will be on the Chromebook using the apps loaded by the school district. Tests require a code for students to enter the test. Plan for make-up tests at school or after school.

    1. General Classroom Expectations:  

    • The class will focus on electronic delivery, minimizing the need for paper. The teacher can produce paper copies upon request.

    • The classroom is larger than normal classrooms and it is set up for a computer science course; therefore, the teacher will open a Google Meet during instruction for students to have the option to have a clear vision of the examples being presented on the board. Absent students may also join if possible. 

    • Cell phones or other electronic devices can be a distraction if not used properly. We will use the student Chromebook and the classroom systems daily. Cell phones will be the last resort and only used upon teacher approval.

    • Headphones: there are many videos to assist in instruction, especially when the teacher is away on military duty. Students are permitted to listen to the instructional videos using headphones. There are limited, inexpensive headphones available in the classroom.